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The Technology

The CO2 laser based IOPtiMate system, is an advanced medical technology which utilizes the unique properties of a CO2 laser for performing the safe, elegant and precise CLASS procedure

For Physicians

CLASS has true advantages over the available glaucoma treatment landscape as it offers an excellent safety profile with an ease of use making it attractive for both experienced and non-experienced surgeons

For Patients

CLASS’ excellent safety profile and efficacy allows lowering the Intraocular Pressure and reduces the reliance on glaucoma medications without the risks associated with penetrating surgeries


CLASS has an extremely low complications rate, which in turn requires less follow-up care and post-op manipulations


CLASS shows significant reduction in IOP over the years as well as reliance on anti-glaucoma medications which stays consistent over the years


CLASS with the IOPtiMate system is designed to achieve functional, simple, safe, reproducible and optimal results for the treated patients

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