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IOPtima is a developer of minimally-invasive surgical ophthalmic devices. The company’s flagship product, the IOPtimate™, is a surgical system for the treatment of Glaucoma, which utilizes a CO2 laser technology to significantly reduce internal eye pressure (“IOP”), by restoring the natural fluid percolation without penetrating into the eye.

With a mission to address the unmet needs and common safety problems in glaucoma surgery, the company has developed a procedure named CLASS (CO2 Laser-Assisted Sclerectomy Surgery). In utilizing the particular properties of the CO2 laser, the IOPtimate thins the sclera wall via ablating surges at the normal eye drainage area (Schlemm’s Canal region), in a simple and highly controlled and specific manner.

The system transforms complex and highly risky Glaucoma surgery into a safe, elegant and precise laser-assisted procedure”

This elegant self-regulated procedure is possible because the IOPtimate system is designed to achieve functional, simple, safe, reproducible and optimal results from surgery, with minimal side effects and reduced recovery time. At the same time, the procedure is highly efficacious, with a minimal learning curve.

IOPtima is a Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical company.