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Am I a CLASS Candidate?

Many glaucoma patients are confronted with dissatisfaction of the current treatment available in the field. Application of eye drops is not always an easy task for the patient and inappropriate use eventually results in a limited compliance. Nevertheless, application of eye drops in the long term is proven ineffective and thus costly. On the surgical spectrum, though penetrative surgeries are effective in the long run they bare a high post-operation complication rate.

If you are diagnosed with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) or pseudo exfoliative glaucoma (PEXG), and you would like to have your level of medications dropped, then you are a candidate for undergoing a CLASS procedure.

IOPtima’s CLASS procedure has true advantages over the Trabeculectomy surgery as it offers an excellent safety profile with an ease of use. It can lower pressure into the lower teens and reduce the patient’s reliance on glaucoma medications without subjecting the eye to the risks of Trabeculectomy.”

The CLASS procedure is also suitable for patients with cataract and can be combined with cataract surgeries.

Please consult you ophthalmologist with the possibility of undergoing a CLASS procedure or combined cataract surgery.