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Safe, accurate, efficacious – is CLASS the new NPDS?

The Ophthalmologist’s May 2019 #65

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New study shows CLASS reduces IOP and lowers complications in combined phacoemulsification and glaucoma surgery.

Eye News April/ May 2019 Magazine (Vol. 29), April 2019

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High-CLASS Alternative for Low IOP
A combined carbon dioxide laser-scanning technology enables a novel, safe approach for intraocular pressure reduction

Ophthalmology Times, March 2019

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Flexible glaucoma procedure serves wide variety of patients: CLASS procedure outcomes effective in reducing IOP, keeping better visual acuity

Ophthalmology Times, September 2017

Head of the CLASS: New Glaucoma Treatment Shines in 3-Year Results

PIE Magazine, March/April 2017

Study Shows Significant Advantages of CO2 Laser Assisted Sclerectomy Surgery

Glaucoma Today, January/February 2017

CO2 laser assisted sclerectomy effective, easy to learn

Healio, Ocular Surgery News, February 2017

A Long Term Look at CLASS

The Ophthalmologist, January 2017

CO2 laser assisted procedure showing longterm efficacy, safety

Ophthalmology Times, August 2016 and Ophthalmology Times Europe, September 2016

Procedimiento de CLASS: Tratamiento del glaucoma menos invasivo

Ocular Surgery News (OSN) – Latin America (Spanish), June 2016

OSN LA - June 2016 CLASS Izquierdo-page-001
CLASS produce resultados prometedores a largo plazo en pacientes con glaucoma

Ocular Surgery News (OSN) – Latin America (Spanish), November/December 2015

CO2 laser-assisted surgery yields better sclerectomy for open-angle glaucoma

Ophthalmology Times, October 2015

CLASS yields promising long-term results in glaucoma patients

Ocular Surgery News (OSN), September 2015

Laser-assisted procedure brings ease, precision & safety to deep sclerectomy

Ophthalmology Times-Europe, June 2015

Nova técnica para o glaucoma utiliza ablação a laser de CO2 para a esclerotomia profunda

Ocular Surgery News – Latin American Edition (Portuguese), March/April 2015

New glaucoma technique uses CO2 laser ablation for deep sclerectomy

Ocular Surgery News, February 2015

Will the Cost of Clinical Trials Quash Change in Glaucoma Treatment?

Glaucoma Today, November/December 2014

Phacoemulisifcation Plus CO2 Laser-Assisted Sclerectomy

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today – Europe, November/December 2014

La esclerotomia asistida por laser de CO2 reduce la PIO y el uso de medicacion

Ocular Surgery News Latin America Edition (Spanish), September/October 2014

A New Option in Nonpenetrating Glaucoma Surgery: Two US Perspectives

Advanced Ocular Care, September 2014

Combined phaco, CLASS procedure reduces IOP in patients with open-angle glaucoma

Ocular Surgery News/Healio, September 2014

CLASS procedure offers alternative treatment for glaucoma

Ocular Surgery News APAO Edition, July/August 2014

CLASS procedure offers alternative treatment for glaucoma

Ocular Surgery News EU Edition, July/August 2014

CLASS procedure offers alternative treatment for glaucoma

Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, July 2014

Glaucoma Treatment

Eurotimes Industry Brief, May 2014

CO2 laser surgery a new option for glaucoma

Ophthalmology Times USA, May 2014

Glaucoma Surgery with CLASS

Ophthalmology Times Europe, May 2014

CLASS act: Why a new CO2 laser is competing with the gold standard

Eyeworld, May 2014

CLASS-­y Laser Treats Glaucoma

The Ophthalmologist, March 2014