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The IOPtiMate System

IOPtima Ltd. has developed the IOPtiMate system; a unique laser based surgical system for the treatment of Glaucoma. The system utilizes a CO2 laser technology to reduce internal eye pressure by allowing better flow of aqueous humor. In utilizing the particular properties of the CO2 laser, the IOPtiMate thins the sclera wall via ablating surges at the normal eye drainage area (Schlemm’s Canal region), in a simple and highly controlled and specific manner. The IOPtiMate is highly effective in ablating dry tissue, and allows the surgeon to thin the sclera by gradually removing, layer by layer, most of the scleral tissue, leaving a thin intact layer which transforms the safety of the procedure to a higher level. The remaining layer is thin enough to allow the internal eye fluid to percolate through, thus relieving the eye of the inner excessive pressure. Because infrared CO2 laser radiation is absorbed and blocked by nature by aqueous solutions, the laser energy does not penetrate into the eye. Therefore the remaining thin scleral layer remains intact, reducing the likelihood of surgery complications, adverse events and side effects.

“This elegant self-regulated procedure is possible because the IOPtiMate system is designed to achieve functional, simple, safe, reproducible and optimal results from surgery, with minimal side effects and reduced recovery time. At the same time, the procedure is highly efficacious, with a minimal learning curve”

The IOPtimate System Components: 

The Micro-manipulating Scanner
The Scanner is connected to the control unit, attached to the microscope and operated by a foot-switch. By using a sophisticated system of servo-engines and optics, the scanner takes the laser beam and accurately ablates the sclera as per the pre-selected area and pattern

The Laser & Control Unit
The surgeon chooses the program parameters on the LCD touch-screen and initiate the laser operation.